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Comfortable always, I will try to smile so that Chungbuk University Library full.

September 27, 1951, it opened as the Agricultural University Cheongju University Library, Chungbuk University Library, was transferred to the newly constructed building of the library of 23 November 1985. Opened in 2002 the Hyonsoru tube in the center of the reading room, it is operated in the Central Library Reference Room center that collection of 90 million books collection. 

In our library, and has been operating since 2003 the archive of the theme for One-stop service for the topic. Is divided in the archive humanities reference room, social science reference room, technology science library, the word literature reference room, in the West, the law and medicine, archive of themes in the 3-4 floor library, university of each I have served at the annex building to form. User, you can charge from librarians who work in the library annex and each archive, to receive professional services related to that topic. 

Since 1991, computerization of library is started, build academic information total system through the Web now, has supported the educational activities of students and Chungbuk University faculty as a base university libraries in North Chungcheong Province, and local graduates It is an effort in an attempt to take part in continuing education and re-education of the residents, and will fulfill its role as a forward base to promote to lead the information of the local community. 

At the user education room in order to be provided with the information necessary capacity utilization in the era of lifelong learning that requires a competitive society, is hosting a program of library of every semester. In addition, to elect the 100 line of Books and educators give help to humanity recharge Liberal Arts and the Faculty, and is recommended reading culture of awarding university the Dokusan woven book to the user excellent for activation have. 

Chungbuk University, strives to be the library you want to find again in the comfort of the local residents and users of the university affiliation Hagetoumyo provide a fast and accurate information.